21st Century Blogging – Introduction to Online Journaling

21st Century Blogging – Introduction to Online Journaling

I have been on the social media and based on the comments and engagements, it is apparent that there are many persons who do not know what a blog is. More than that, they don’t how to use one. I write this post to hopefully bring some clarity to the blogging process, especially for new persons just entering the online business and blogging sphere. I will write this is two parts. The second post will deal with the monetization of blogs. So here we go:

21st century blogging and social networking are inextricably linked in the sense that both contain certain features and certain properties of one another. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Though it is true that blogs can be regulated and kept very private, the main purpose of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice your opinion.

Another similarity is that both these concepts have existed in cyber space for almost a decade now, but in the initial stages both were rather exclusive of one another. Only in the recent times have they been merged, and their similarity in motives truly recognized. Blogging is essentially done to channel your thoughts out on to an online journal. You also want other people to read what you have written.

In this way, you are connected with people from all over the world whom you would not have otherwise known. Social networking operates in a similar manner. It is a hub where the young and the hearty flock. The chances of getting an audience on such a platform are high.

The origination of the term ‘blog’ is interesting. It was initially called a ‘weblog’ meaning a log or a diary or a journal that helps you record your thoughts on a daily basis. In that sense it was rather in its infant stages and did not turn into an instrument for propaganda immediately. For convenience, the term was later shortened to blog and this is when free blogging services like Blogger and WordPress became extremely popular.

As mentioned earlier, blogging today is not restricted to only maintaining a journal. It has truly become a platform where various kinds of people from all walks of life, whether they have the same ideologies or not, conflate, and discuss the matters they think are important to them.

21st century blogging has become an important advertising tool for marketers who wish to promote their products online, for persons interested in making money online and for others who wish to sell their ideologies and reach out to the masses.

Moreover, creating a blog and maintaining it does not require a lot of money. Many more people now have a personal blog and it is all free of cost in most cases. Also, one does not need to become a computer expert or a graphic or web designer in order to make one’s blog interesting, exciting and inviting.

Unlike other websites which operate on a different domain, and for which every single template and tab needs to be designed and created from scratch, most blog sites do not need such knowledge. The free blogging service providers have their own inbuilt templates and fonts which have to be chosen by the bloggers according to their own tastes and preferences.

Blogging is an ideal way to make new friends and come in contact with more people than you can do in the real world, and from all quarters of the world. Such diverse people will obviously have differing
viewpoints. Therefore, this gives scope for a good deal of discussion and debate with all points of view being taken on board.

Blogs can also be for the sole purpose of making new friends and for socializing. This is why social networking sites have picked up the cue and in these times social networking and blogging have, to some extent, been combined, and almost become indistinguishable.

It would be interesting to note that the word ‘blog’ is both a noun and a verb. This leads us to the fact that blogging in some sense also helps get rid of hassles of traditional publishing. Though your work will not come out in print, you know that you can publish your work – your articles, pictures, videos, etc – yourself through your blog.

Therefore, it may be your own personal journal that you wish others to read or your works of art in terms of the stories or articles that you write, or the movies that you make. You can share almost any content with the world at large.

It must also be noted that just like you do not have to be a web designer to create your own blog, you need not be a professional writer, a film maker or a photographer to publish content on your blog. It is just a space for you to indulge in your own small artistic pursuits and share those moments with others. 21st blogging must therefore be exploited to its full potential.

So there you have it. Stay tuned for the next post on monetizing your blog.

Thanks for reading.

Vinton Samms


13 thoughts on “21st Century Blogging – Introduction to Online Journaling

  1. Hi Vinton
    Enjoyed the post.. It’s a true fact that relatively new
    bloggers have a few misconceptions about blogging altogether…this is
    definitely an eye opener…thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the
    second part .
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika,
      Thanks kindly for stopping by again. Thanks for the comments. I am in the process of updating for SEO but will soon give you some new posts. You can also sign up for the posts via email by using the form on the side bar.
      All the best.

  2. Hi Vinton,

    I started blogging 11 years ago, for the purpose of keeping faraway family and friends updated on our family life. My, how things have changed since then! I remember thinking how strange it was when companies and businesses started having blogs. What on earth would THEY want them for? That’s before I knew about “branding”.

    Thanks for an interesting and informative post.

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  4. How wonderful is Blogging!!

    It can mean many things to many people, and is a great place to share and express yourself…. like you say, there are free blogging platforms available to anyone, and I think sharing anything is a wonderful way to connect with people.

    My blog is the hub of my business, and my online home and available to many because I share it on social media. Many people drop in from my online circles, and then I visit them. Like having friends over for coffee 🙂


  5. Hi, according to me blogging is the only way to achieve great presence over the Internet, and anyone can start it on any topic so not much experience is required. As I’m an professional blogger so I can feel the benefits of blogging within my business strategy.

  6. Hi Vinton,

    Blogging is such a wonderful way to give information to others. It all started with a personal diary of sorts, and now is a place whereby sharing information to others can be great for branding ourselves. This is such a great way to start a business. We own our blogs..it is our property and we cannot get shut down.

    Then we share it on social media, whereby others can have access to our information. It kind of goes hand in hand. And as we visit other bloggers, we make great connections…sometimes even real friends.

    Blogging is my passion, and from blogging the journey took me to marketing products and even taking that huge step to create my own. It is a journey that never ends and the best one I’ve ever had!

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for the elucidation on blogging and let me just say how proud I am of your achievements.
      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments which adds value to the post.


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