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Bull Strength Exercises

The problem is most people do not know how! Athletes will get a summer program from their coach and its leg extensions, leg pressing, and machine exercises. You follow the program to the letter but you don’t make any real gains. You go back to play your sport and now you are weaker than before from a poor training program. The problem is, the program doesn’t CONTAIN ANY REAL BULL STRENGTH EXERCISES!

Results can be achieved if you know the right exercises and program! There is a specific science to exercise selection and creation. It is nearly impossible to just head into the gym and expect big results without a developed program! Bull Strength will lay everything out for you in an easily understood template.

“Bull Strength” is a concept that was taught to me when I was very young. Growing up, my father was a hard working furnace man. Through middle school and high school I spent most of my weekends working in basements, hauling pipe around, carrying boilers down steps, and much more. It was hard manual labor, but I do not regret a moment of it.

Bull strength

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During that time I played football, basketball, and baseball. The strength I gathered from performing the labor when I was younger helped me excel at each sport, earn local and state awards, and earn a Division 1AA college scholarship for football.

One of my high school football coaches was amazed by the strength my brothers and I demonstrated. He couldn’t believe the “Bull Strength,” as he called it, that we possessed at a young age!

The Bull Strength Training Program

After graduating college and getting much more under the bar experience, I realized it was time to share some of my secrets. I took my real world experiences, coupled with extensive training knowledge and athletic success, and created the Bull Strength program!

Your training split is something I have never thought of, I am excited to try it next week! Have you ever thought of calling your company “Bull Strength” that’s a pretty sick logo!

This manual is great for athletes, lifters, strength coaches, and anyone else who loves fitness! Reap the benefits of the Bull Strength program today! Once you get Bull Strength and put it into practice, it will work for you.

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