Blogging – Using the process writing approach

Blogging – Using the process writing approach

Process writing helps you to present a logically flowing piece of writing. Whether you are blogging to generate an income or for pleasure, there are some principles by which you should be guided and they take many forms. Some persons do not really understand the intricacies involved in writing such as research, presentation and so on but process writing is the aspect I wish to discuss as I believe it to be a very important part of the whole content writing experience.

Now, if you have read many blogs you would have noticed that sometimes there were many mistakes made. These are not necessarily deliberate but perhaps the piece of writing was not re-read before publishing to the world. It is important that if you are going to put your name to a piece of writing that proper due care be taken to ensure that at the very least, the grammar and punctuation are correct. Non-native English Language speakers are not excluded. This process of ensuring that some basic things are done before the work is published is called the Process writing. We will discuss some basic approaches. So let’s go.
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A Single Mother’s Triumph

A Single Mother’s Triumph

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On May 12th, 1998, two months before her final exams at law school, Wendy Fitzwilliam became the second Trinidadian to capture the Miss Universe title. When, eight years later, Wendy announced that she was pregnant, the news was dramatic and controversial.
Letters To Ailan is the narrative of a tumultuous time in Wendy’s life. It chronicles the impact made on her friends, family and adoring public by her choice to become and remain a single mother. It deals with the turbulent relationship she shares with her son’s father. Wendy asks tough questions of herself about family, love, friendship, religion and social norms which challenge the reader to reflect on these matters. It is the story of her singular determination to be the best mother possible to her child. Visit HERE for more information

Vinton Samms

21st Century Blogging – Introduction to Online Journaling

21st Century Blogging – Introduction to Online Journaling

I have been on the social media and based on the comments and engagements, it is apparent that there are many persons who do not know what a blog is. More than that, they don’t how to use one. I write this post to hopefully bring some clarity to the blogging process, especially for new persons just entering the online business and blogging sphere. I will write this is two parts. The second post will deal with the monetization of blogs. So here we go:

21st century blogging and social networking are inextricably linked in the sense that both contain certain features and certain properties of one another. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Though it is true that blogs can be regulated and kept very private, the main purpose of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice your opinion.
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How to Start a Business Online

How to start a business online

start a business online
Hi there, I have been asked many times how to start a business online and how to make money online. Usually I would send a standard message as my response but have now decided to create a post for this in the hope that it can help someone. Below I have given a basic framework on how to start a business online and it is by no means exhaustive. There is more to it than I have given because of the limitations of a post and not everything can be said in one post. However, it is enough to give you a start and on which you can build as you start your online business.

Millions of persons are on the internet every day. They are searching for information, playing games, having fun on the social media, booking vacations, purchasing items among other things. Millions are spent daily purchasing products and services. This is one of the reasons so many businesses operate online, simply because there is money to be made there. There are many online millionaires who have made their fortunes selling products and services. Now you need to realize that we are talking about the entire world and not just USA, UK and Canada. Australia has become an increasingly important market for online consumption! And Africa is slated to increase its spending online within the year. Therefore, start a business online so you can get your share of this large pie.

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How to Overcome Unemployment

How to Overcome Unemployment

What is unemployment?

A simple definition is the state of being unemployed. This occurs when a person is actively searching for employment and is unable to find work.

Another definition from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) defines it as “people who do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the past four weeks and are currently available for work. Also, people who were temporarily laid off and are waiting to be called back to that job”. This constitutes unemployment, as well.

Unemployment occurs for many reasons, political, economical, educational and other social factors impacting a country and its citizens and especially if that country is following a particular ideology that does not evoke positive sentiments.

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Clubbell Hero Evolution – Dare to Evolve

Clubbell Hero Evolution is a fitness program that lets you tap into the secret powers that make a hero super. So long as you’re okay with the potential of meeting arch-villains and wizards, having more fun than you ever have before training hard and being unable to resist the incredible urge to launch yourself from where you stand to fly……

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Private Label Articles – Get 500 Free PLR

 Private Label Articles – Get 500 Free

There are 500 private label articles, ready for you to begin using without any hassle. Between 20 – 25 private label articles per niche will be given to you and each of these is in a hot, in demand, evergreen topic. This means persons will always be searching for information on these topics. Continue reading

Simple Blogging -“Blogger’s Paycheck Guide” – John Yeo

What I’m going to tell you in the next few paragraphs is very important if you intend to make some good cash online doing simple blogging.

I’m currently working part time as a volunteer social worker, helping single-parent kids achieve happiness in their lives.
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Adsense Pro Ultimate – Premium Adsense WordPress Theme

Our NEW revolutionary Adsense Pro Ultimate CTR Theme does all for you. Below is an income proof from one of my students, who after applying Adsense Pro Ultimate on his niche sites, went from a few hundred dollars a month to OVER $4000 a month…!

“The sales page was pretty compelling, so I decided to try it out and I am absolutely shocked at what adsense pro ultimate is capable of. Its pretty awesome”
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Fitness Model Book: How To Become A Fitness Model.

Have you been looking for the secrets that will help you break into the fitness modeling business?

Have you got that SPECIAL SOMETHING that sets you apart from another fitness model?
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Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training – Growth Building

Why do so many chumps at the gym fail to make any progress?

You know what I am talking about. I see the same guys come to the gym on  a regular basis and as I look around at these skinny saps, that’s when I realized it’s been a couple years and their mediocre physique have not changed one bit. Hyper Growth Muscle Mass Training is a muscle growth building system that maximizes the genetic potential in you. With this system results are guaranteed in weeks, not months and not years!

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TP Extractor Private Forums -Trading Post

Hello there! My name is Markco and I’m from the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post blog, a popular fan site that covers all things gold about Guild Wars 2 and its ever changing economy.

You have stumbled upon my secret forum community and powerful gold guide. Not only is this a place where members get to exchange information about making gold, but it’s also where I place my best strategies.
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Beep Test – how to pass it


“You’re About To Uncover The Most Powerful Workout Secrets ONLY Top Personal Trainers Know… Find Out How They Prepare Their Clients To Pass The Beep Test The First Time!
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Marketing on the Fringe 3.0

Marketing on the Fringe – About Making Money

The Marketing on the Fringe  3.0 software is an auto blogging WordPress Plugin. It builds incredibly fully-automated websites with 14 different content sources plus advanced marketing in record time. Marketing on the Fringe makes automated websites a reality.The creator of the software has provided support for it because  he wants you to be successful. If you can follow instructions and you have the time and patience, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY by using Marketing on the Fringe software.

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Körperfett Verbrennen mit dem Turbulence Training

5 Unwahrheiten zum Thema “Abbau von Körperfett”: Warum lange, langsame (und langweilige) Konditionsbüungen nicht das richtige sind, um über Steigerung des körperlichen Grundumsatzes überschüssiges Körperfett auf Dauer loszuwerden.

Von Craig Ballantyne, Autor im Men’s Health Magazin, Geprüfter Kraft & Kondition Spezialist, Autor des ‘Turbulence Trainings‘.
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