Doing Business Online – My early Years

Doing Business Online –My early Years

doing business online
Hi friends. After becoming hooked on the internet and my desire to start doing business online, I signed up with Virtual Mall Jamaica and this was my very first experience of ever doing anything serious online. I signed up because my good friend and CEO Ronald Stephenson approached me with an offer that I could not refuse and I saw it as an opportunity to begin exploring my online objectives. Of course even though I started with them I spent the better part of three years learning the online business.

I set up a bookshop on virtual Mall Jamaica and got some sales locally and overseas but I was not actively promoting the business like I should because I was concentrating on learning about doing business online  to ensure that I was successful and that I could in turn help someone. I am sure you would agree with me that this was very important! Right?

Ok, so what is Virtual Mall? You might ask. Let’s talk about it a little. This is an online portal for small businesses in Jamaica, providing you with an eCommerce platform. It was the vision of the CEO to create and encourage online shopping in Jamaica. The platform provides a suite of internet-based services designed for your small business, to get you up and running as quickly as possible with an easy to follow and user-friendly store front (your design) and back-end managed by you.

This kind of set up provides you with a professional approach as you start doing business online and eliminates the expense of servers and technical staff to do maintenance. The Mall provides all that you need to operate successfully online. These include domain name and functionalities such as:
Inventory management
 Sales graphs
 Shipping management system
 Secure platform that can be connected to any gateway merchant

The Mall affords your prospective customers, from anywhere in the world, the opportunity to browse the shops online and the ability to purchase via cash on delivery or credit card.

So in a nutshell that’s what is it.

Now my experience has been one of consistent support received both in the setting up phase of my business as well as back-end support in the case of uploading images and other content to my store’s back-end. The support staff was always there willing and able to assist. This made doing business online very easy and was not as daunting as first thought.

What started off with a few entrepreneurs about 6 years ago has grown into a large number of stores offering various products and services online including clothes, books, perfume, electronic gadgets & equipment, household appliances, ticket booking agency and so on.

Friends, this was a part of my early years operating online and Virtual Mall Jamaica has given me the exposure and the space to practice and implement what I have learnt both from the research that I have done and the tutoring received from the CEO and his team. You too can find a rewarding and fulfilling experience anywhere online in any category that you choose.

Doing business online
Vinton Samms
Internet Marketing Expert & Blogger

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