Facebook Groups – Getting Best Results

Facebook Groups – Getting Best Results

Facebook groups
Facebook Groups were established for members to discuss matters of interest to the group, based on the name of the group or the topic under which the group was created. However, Facebook Groups are mainly used for promotion of each other’s products or offers. With this being the case, then one needs to learn how to get the best results out of these groups.

Facebook Groups are either free to join (open) or apply to join (closed). When you are accepted in a group usually by another member, be sure to say thank you in your very first post in the group. For the open groups you may or may not receive a notification of acceptance. Either way, in your very first post say thanks and express how happy you are to be a member and that you will endeavour to abide by the rules of the group, whatever these are. Politeness is important in these circumstances.

Facebook groups
Importantly too, you want the other members or whomever reads your posts to see you as a trustworthy person, so you need to establish relationships in the group. You might want to do any one of or a combination of the following:
Comment on other member’s posts
Like other posts
Share other posts
Ask questions
Look at what others are posting and make suggestions to improve the communications in the post, for example, whether the post is too long or too short with missing details. Look for grammatical errors and typos and make suggestion for corrections. These kinds of interactions are important and would be welcomed.
At least the members would feel appreciated that their posts are being seen and read.

Facebook groups
It is not good to simply just put down a post here, there and everywhere without the members really getting a chance to know you. It is untidy and spammy. Is it any wonder then that most people do not get the results that they are looking for from the Facebook Groups? The frequency with which you post to the groups is of relevance as well. A rule of thumb is to post to each group of which you are a member once per day. If you are a member of 300 groups, which is the maximum allowed, then post to no more than 50 each day.

Many persons are using automated posting services but these are neither desirable nor ideal for the reasons given above. Take the time to write and submit your post manually. It is well worth the effort.

As was stated before you need to be engaged with the posts of the other members. When writing your post, always salute or greet the members in the post, for example, you could start with:
“hey guys”
“hi guys”
“hi there”
“hi all”
And so on. You can choose the best way but greet the members. The next thing you need to be doing is asking them to take some kind of action based on what it is that you are presenting. Therefore, you should not put down a group of words with a link as no one would be particularly anxious to click your link. You need to make the post as personal as is possible and invite members of the group to take note of what you are offering and invite them to take an action. So you could ask them to “please click the link to get more information”; “please follow the link to my website”; Please inbox me if you are interested” and so on.

Be hospitable to the other members of the group. No foul language, racial profiling should be allowed. The owner of the group would normally establish the rules but in the unlikely event that you are a member of a group in which the rules are relaxed, do not take advantage of the situation. You can leave the group at any time you wish.

There is more to be said about posting in Facebook Groups but as you can see this post is already long enough. If you wish to know what else can be said about posting in groups, please leave your comments and requests.

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facebook groups
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