How I got involved with Internet Marketing

How I got involved in Internet marketing

internet marketing
I would just like to confess that I did not like the internet or anything to do with it as I thought that this was a bad place to be. A place where people would go to write bad things about each other , to commit criminal acts and to lure people away from their homes to kidnap them and so on. I also thought the internet was a propaganda platform.

Many years later, I was completely transformed and  became aware of other useful and genuine purposes of the internet and set up a Facebook account. From this medium I got a lot of information about what is done online. After this I set up an email account with, you guessed it, yahoo and became increasingly aware of what was really happening in the world of internet marketing.

My interest has always been in business and so when a friend of mine started an online platform called Virtual Mall, I did not hesitate to join. This was to get as many small businesses as possible to operate from one space and this was the concept behind “Virtual Mall”. It was to operate like a physical Mall with many stores/businesses, the operators would maintain their inventory from the back-end. On becoming a part of this I set up a business called Metrojam

Some while after, Virtual Mall and The Gleaner Online hosted a webinar to which business persons were invited. Presentations were made by an online millionaire about the amount of money to be made online, the various types of businesses that could be set up online and pretty much encouraged us to start our own businesses online. We were asked to download numerous free eBooks to be read, many of which dealt with internet marketing. I was hooked and remained so to this day.

I began operating online in a serious way about 5 years now. I have set up various blogs, email accounts, social media accounts, joined many marketing programs including MLM, IM and blogging. Most of this time though I was not actively promoting and selling but I was using the time to read and learn all that I could about internet marketing, mistake to avoid and so on. I have bought and read many eBooks on the subject. I have received many free ones as well. I am an affiliate of some companies online.

Having been through all of this I am fully conversant with what is required to do business online and to be successful because I used most of my time online to learn rather than pushing products and services. I have bought many programs to test them for myself and have found them not able to deliver what was promised. In some of the MLM programs I am involved with, extensive training is given through user guides, software and eBooks and videos.

internet marketing
Today, I am running my business using all the knowledge and skills that I have gained in internet marketing and I am beginning to see improvements in the traffic to my offers and the income I am receiving. Of course each person is different and one’s positive results are not typical as other factors affect one’s performance.

I am a blogger as well and this is easy as writing is my passion. I have also learnt how to use blogging to earn an income. There is no one way, you can use many different methods. It is application, dedication and thinking outside the box that really makes the difference.

So there you have it. I am an internet marketer and I love what I do. If I had the chance to choose something else I would choose internet marketing again.

internet marketing
Vinton Samms
Internet Marketing Expert & Blogger


4 thoughts on “How I got involved with Internet Marketing

  1. Fantastic to read this Vinton, and see your passion about internet marketing. It is a wise thing to spend time learning, researching and tryingout the challenges and tools involved in running a business online, and that gives the confidence to work with others, coaching and encouraging them in the many ways to do business.
    I love you ‘thinking outside the box’ idea… that is spot on!!
    Being original is the best way… and branding yourself through blogging is definitely working for you!
    Great post 🙂

    • Hey Jacs,
      Really want to thank you for your encouraging comments on the post. I think it is the best thing for one learn first before sticking links all over the place and irritating others. I do believe I have learned quite a lot in both theory and practice. I recommend this method to anyone just starting out.

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