How to Get Traffic & Income in 3 Steps

How to get traffic & income in 3 steps

How to Get Traffic & Income

How to get traffic and income in 3 steps is a simplified way of presenting income opportunities online. There are very many persons online trying to make some sort of income but for reason or another, nothing is happening, frustration sets in. These persons may have been handicapped by technical challenges, don’t know how and impatience. A new company has been online and is helping others to make a difference in a simple manner and with tremendous success stories. Read below and take action if this applies to you.

This article is for you if:

• You want to know how to get traffic & income in 3 steps

• You want to make money online but you don’t want to have to create your own products/services to sell

• You don’t want to have to build your own website nor do any ‘techie’ stuff

• You like the idea of getting residual income (from work you did before) as well as huge one time commissions of $100, $500, $1000 or more

• You want a support team to actually be there for you and help you (so that you don’t get left all alone once you join)

I am about to introduce you to a company with a system that will give you all this and more. A system that takes all of the ‘hard stuff’ that normally comes with making money online and does it for you. Isn’t this awesome? But before I do that let’s put some things in perspective.

This system is not free! Making money takes money! But the great thing is that there is no set cost. You make your choices based on your budget.

Importantly, don’t ask questions such as “What’s the minimum I can do?” vs “what’s the maximum I can do?” Well, don’t be concerned with the minimum you can do because in this way, you are already setting up yourself for failure. Instead, do the maximum to get better results. I am going to tell you how the system works, expand some more on how to get traffic & income in 3 steps and how to get you set up with your own.

You need 3 things to make money online:

• Product to sell

• A system to sell it (24/7 sales website)

• An easy way to get people to your system

The product must meet these criteria:

– Awesome (of actual value)

– People are already buying it

– Pays residual income

Why the system I am about to introduce to you is so valuable?

Learn this important business lesson:

You can make a lot of money by finding people who are ‘mining for gold’ and then selling them the tools they need.

In the 1840’s gold rush, the tools the miners need to mine the gold were pick axe, shovel and blue jeans.

Where is everyone trying to mine for gold today? On the Internet.

How many people do you know who are out there trying to make money online? Literally 10’s of millions of people are trying to make money with online business……online network marketing companies…..and online business opportunities

What’s the #1 tool (pick axe/shovel) everyone needs? QUALITY TRAFFIC!

In other words, the #1 tool that everyone needs is traffic/visitors to their websites.

Note: This is how Google and Facebook literally make billions of dollars.

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Facebook and Google are in the business of traffic and not what you believed it to be.

The #2 tool that everyone needs if they are trying to make money in an online home business opportunity is: EDUCATION

– How to get traffic on their own

– How to build an email list of people interested in their products

– How to create multiple streams of income online

– How to make their websites sell more

– How to write persuasively so that people buy

– How to most effectively ‘mine for gold’ on the Internet

So the 2 main tools people need (and are already buying) if they want to make money online are:

#1 Traffic (website visitors)

#2 Training/Education (how to ‘mine for gold’ online)

Offering people the tools that they are already looking for or buying is how many persons make a significant income online!

Here’s the best part:

The company that I am about to introduce to you makes all this happen

– It has done-for-you sales websites

– It delivers all of the traffic orders for you

– It does the follow-up for you

– It processes all the payments for you

– It send you your commission every week (if a sale is made)

– It handles all training and support.

Cool! Does this sound fair? Sure it does! Would you like to partner with a company that does all of that for you? The company will provide you with the same tools/system that I have mentioned above and that they have made available to others who have been making money.

The name of the company is…..

TA Iamge2

Remember the 3 things people need to make money online:

Products to sell:

Traffic Authority provides top quality products that pay big

Top quality traffic and training for people in the make money online industry

A way for you to instantly have a business that can make huge profits

A system to sell the products:

Done for you websites!

Traffic Authority has professionally made done-for-you sales websites that are instantly created the moment you decide to partner with them

An easy way to get people to your system:

Top quality traffic and training for people in the ‘make money online industry’

Once you have personalized your done-for-you sales websites, just order your done-for-you website traffic, based on your budget.

Once you have all of that set up, all that’s left is for you to engage!


Engagement equals success:

If you want to be successful, you must be committed and engaged!!

– Join the Traffic Authority Facebook group

– Attend weekly training so that you can be helped

– Send automated emails to people who have already expressed an interest

– Understanding that success is a process

How to get started in 3 steps

First – sign up with Traffic Authority (your partner company)

Second – Watch a few videos (to understand the system better and to personalize it)

Third – Order traffic (based on your budget)

I have 3 question s for you:

Do you now understand how to get traffic & income in 3 steps?

Do you see this actually working for people? (Testimonials are available)

Do you understand that results will vary and that there’s no guarantee of income?

Are you ready to get started doing the 3 easy steps?

If you understand all this, grab your Traffic Authority OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE!

Thank you kindly for reading. Please sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss any bright ideas!

Vinton Samms.

Important, please read:

Income Disclaimer

Even though the system you are about to discover is arguably the easiest and most powerful money making system ever developed; that does not mean there is guarantee of income! No one can guarantee your income. Anyone who does guarantee your income is probably selling you nonsense. If you are looking for guaranteed income, sorry I can’t help you. This is a business and you are a grown up. You are ultimately responsible for your success!

Any income examples shown are extra ordinary. They are not the average earnings of individuals. The income claims presented (while 100% accurate and verifiable) are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they are designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires consistency, hard work and dedication.


This post was created out of a presentation done by Devon Brown.

13 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic & Income in 3 Steps

  1. Having read this I believed it was extremely enlightening.

    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this informative article together.
    I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and commenting.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  2. Thanks so much for this review of Traffic Authority, Vinton

    It certainly sounds like all pieces of the puzzle are in place and ready for you to start making money. Amazing to have so much done for you.

    I really must look at this again sometime soon!

    To the Top


  3. What a lovely clear review Vinton for Traffic Authority.
    Super explanations of the Traffic, Education and Products process online, and it seems they are all to be found within the Traffic Authority system.
    So, what a great business if you do not want to do websites, techie or create products, but still have support from the system!
    Thanks for sharing this 😀
    ~ Jacs

    • Thanks Jacs, yes it is a done-for-you system and especially for those of us who are not very technical. It is also suitable for those persons who still have a full time job can only manage to do part time activities online. I really like and enjoy using it. Have I made money? Certainly and within a short time.
      all the best

  4. Hi Vinton, I have looked at it a couple of times but I made a promise to not join anything else until things I am already in start working.

    You did give a great detailed explanation of it, so thank you for that.

    Wishing you great success.

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