Isometric Exercise – Stone Age Strength

Isometric exercise gives stone age strength.It is not my goal to just sell you the next ”Revolutionary Workout” or ”Ultimate Simple Secret”.

I want to help you develop your mind in a way that will turn you into your own ”guru”. After all, you are the only one who can truly master your own body. You are the only one who has enough access to your body to really know what’s going on.

Neither me nor any other coach can give your specific body the time and attention it requires in order to realize its fullest potential.

What I can do is show you how to master your mind while you get to know the details of your musculoskeletal system in ways you never thought possible using isometric exercise

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to make your muscles stronger than your sinews will allow for. If you could, then your muscles would get torn off the bone as soon as you fully contracted them. That’s why strength enthusiasts love isometric exercise. It allows them to expand their maximum potential.isometric exercise

However, I want to bring you up to speed with a phenomenon that is constantly being overlooked by conventional experts. You see, most workouts stress the use of ”proper form” ad nauseum. One is lead to believe that it is absolutely essential to use ”perfect form” without exception and regardless of the context. Unfortunately, this is keeping athletes completely in the dark about how they are setting themselves up for disaster in the long run.

The truth is that abusing ”proper form” will give you an advantage today, but it will destroy you tomorrow. It’s just one more example of human beings trying to find a magic pill or quick fix.

Much like lifting belts, straps, wraps and chalk will help you lift more now and eschew injury for the present moment, so will so called ”proper form”. However, every one of the aforementioned figurative crutches (including ”proper from”) are setting you up for injury, chronic stress disorders and plateaus in the long term.

Anytime you find yourself challenged outside the parameters that these crutches permit, you are making yourself vulnerable to injury.

Injury results from your musculoskeletal system being burdened outside of its comfort zone. If your training regime solely implements ”proper form”, then your comfort zone is going to be frighteningly narrow.

Think about how susceptible that is going to make you to…Read More here>>>>>>


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