Jobs – Where are They?

JobsWhere are They?

In these days of economic challenges, jobs have become scarce commodities. It is no wonder then that so many Americans and indeed the world over have jobs and the lack of jobs as their number one concern. Research conducted in late 2013 by various research organizations in the US has indicated that many persons are out of a job, have difficulties finding a job and because the economy is not back in full swing, the jobs are slow in coming into being.

The government has been doing its part to resuscitate the economy by putting money into projects, by giving financial assistance to large companies, etc. But then it is up to the private sector and particularly the small and medium size enterprises that are being looked to for these jobs. Unless they have a vision and a plan these might never materialize.

With the absence of the jobs many persons have become frustrated, disheartened and hopeless. The bills cannot be paid including medical, electricity and other essentials that one cannot live without. On the medical side of things, depression has sent some persons to seek medical and or psychiatric attention. For how long will this continue? Not many of us possess good coping skills especially if we were financially stable before but are now finding it difficult to keep body and soul together.

It is now time to take a new look at creating our own financial space. This is not very hard to do. One can work from home doing things that will be financially beneficial. Of course we don’t want to open up businesses in our homes, asking persons to come browse and shop, creating pile up of traffic blocking our neighbors’ driveways and so on. No! No! This would not be good for the value of the homes in the community. You can do business discretely where no one ever comes to your home to purchase, pick up or drop off anything. In other words, you can do your thing online, yes, online. This is where a lot of money is being made and you need to get a slice of that pie. You have bills to be paid.

Millions of persons all over the world go online each day. What are they doing? Playing, having fun, searching for information on anything you can imagine, purchasing items. Most of the items purchased are those to make them feel good. The next highest category of items purchased are for information such as eBooks. You can create your own jobs from all of these. Naturally, you would want things to be easy, not too complicated, not too technical as well as you might have limited time on your hands.

Most persons who make money online do so through affiliate marketing – promoting other people’s products and services for a commission. There are other types of businesses including selling services such as writing, giving advice to persons who are troubled, dating, camping, vacationing, studying the Bible, losing weight and much more ideas around which you can build your business.

Taking the matter of joblessness into your own hands is a decision that you must make as you alone know your circumstances. If you need information on starting your online business and being successful at it, please indicate this in the comment section of this post. Thanks for reading.

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