Networkingsuperstars – 7 Day Challenge – My Review

Networkingsuperstars – 7 Day Challenge is a site created by Gavin Mountford, a successful online entrepreneur who has been operating online for the past 11 years in various spheres of endeavour. An offshoot of the Networkingsuperstars’ (NSS) site is a FB fan page called “7 day fan page focus challenge”. This challenges its members to dramatically increase their fan and engagements within 7 days. This is done by promoting their fan pages in the comments section of the NSS fan page, then engage other participating pages and thereby earn reciprocated engagements from those pages. Super simple.

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I learnt about Networkingsuperstars through a friend on FB who sent me some information and a link to check it out. It sounded interesting enough and so I clicked the link, read and followed the instructions. The next thing I knew I was in a community of like-minded business persons who were friendly and encouraging. So I felt comfortable and remained and participated in the challenge for several weeks.

My experience has been one of elation. Because of the engagements on the page (likes, comments, shares) my fan page numbers grew steadily from 405 to over 900 over the period. I am very pleased with this and will continue with the challenge for as long as it continues. Apart from the engagements, we are always kept up-to-date with new developments by Gavin. We have been encouraged on numerous occasions to write quality feedback in the comments so that others can benefit from them as well as posting high quality content. All of this is incentivised by the declaration of one person each day as the one who has posted quality content. I was so elated and encouraged when my name appeared one day! This incentive goes a far way in training us to write or share quality content as well as increasing the engagements on that person’ s page for the day. In addition to all of this, I have learnt many things that I did not know before by the postings from my fellow superstars.

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I have not experienced anything negative about all this. It has always been an easy flow of information; one is never bombarded with content to the point where one is overwhelmed. They were delivered in a manner that was manageable. One views and responds to these at one’s own pace. Just to note as well that the different time zones kind of caught me off-guard at times. The page is operated from the UK and I am in the Eastern Time zone.

I would recommend this to marketers and business persons who have a FB fan page and on which they would like to increase the number of likes. Increasing the number of likes enables your posts to be seen and responded to by a larger number of prospects. Note that FB provides statistics on your post’s reach and the more engagements there are the more reach you will have. In addition, you can learn a lot from others who are participating in the challenge by the posts that they make as well as contacting them directly to ask questions. This is a marketers’ heaven! To learn more about this challenge, please go here.

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To Your Success.
Vinton Samms

12 thoughts on “Networkingsuperstars – 7 Day Challenge – My Review

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  2. Hi Vinton,

    I loved being in that challenge. I did it for about two months and my page not only skyrocketed, but I met so many new people to connect with. I know Gavin for a long time and you can’t go wrong when he starts something.

    I did have to leave because of more pressing issues I had to take care of, but it was a successful way to engage with others. I just may be back soon


    • Hi Donna, thanks for dropping by and for your comments. I am sorry that you have to leave, just wishing all the best with your pressing engagement and come back to us soon. Will miss your posts.


  3. Have to say Vinton, I quite agree with you regarding the Networking Superstars Facebook Fan Page Challenge… it is Fantastic for boosting Likes, Comments, Shares and building new friendships whilst sharing and syndicating each others businesses.
    Like you say a very encouraging Community 🙂

  4. I totally agree. I also found out about the challenge from a friend online. I’ve been part of it since the beginning and absolutely love it. As you’ve mentioned, in addition to the benefits of increased likes, reach and engagement, I’ve found an awesome community of like-minded people who feel like friends and family now.

  5. Very cool… great review! I love Networking Superstars and the 7 day fan page focus challenge… so many people getting lots of likes, comments, shares and engagement by taking part in this challenge…

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