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SoloAcademy is a marketing community for both experienced affiliate marketers and those just entering the field. It is actually a social site decked out with guides, software and other tools to assist those entering the field to build their businesses online as well as to help those experienced affiliate marketers take their businesses a stage further. Those guides and software are updated regularly to include current trends in the industry.

 I stumbled upon SoloAcademy by accident. I was searching through my Facebook messages one day and saw where one of my friends sent me a link to try out a new site for free. I was skeptical at first as most of the times these amount to nothing but a waste of time. However, something prompted me to click the link and so I did.

 What I discovered was simply amazing. Firstly, it was free to join and discover the immense amount of information and tutorials in the form of guides, this was just awesome. I immediately joined and have no regrets doing so.

Since joining I have learnt a lot of things I did not learn in the three years that I have been online.

I have learnt about traffic and various methods and techniques that can be used to generate massive traffic; WordPress website – how to create and upload it; affiliate marketing and how to be different. I am still learning as there is so much to learn from soloAcademy.


SoloAcademy Affiliate Marketers

 I have also signed up to become a soloAcademy affiliate and this has become my favourite affiliate network. Using the knowledge I have gained, in a short space of time I have generated over 600 affiliate leads which would have taken me a much longer time before joining soloAcademy.

 The guides are intuitive and easy to follow and implement. If in the unlikely event you don’t understand anything, you can always get assistance from a member of the community or through Skye by a member of the support staff.

 Some of the Guides on Soloacademy include:

Power Lead Scraper

Generate Tons of Free Traffic using

How to get Thousands of Potential Leads

High Converting SA Email Swipes for Affiliates

Mass Email Marketing

Website Redirect Script

Imageshack Simplifier

Backpage Poster

10 Tips to Write Profitable Email Headers

 Marketing – Join SoloAcademy Marketing Community

Joining SoloAcademy marketing community is easy. You can click any of the images and it will take you to the signup page. I have joined and have tremendously improved my marketing knowledge and skills, you can too. This is not an action that you are going to regret but you will be exposed to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities never before found in one place.

 Vinton Samms

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