Some Lead Generation Strategies


Some Lead Generation Strategies

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Everyone who operates a business is interested in getting persons to view their offers thereby increasing sales. This involves getting in front of the right persons in the right places as well as directing them to the right place online with the right messages for them. A lot of ‘rights’ there but you get the point. This appears to be daunting task especially when you are up against strong competition from large companies with huge budgets competing for the same audience and which might be employing sophisticated lead generation strategies. Be comforted in the knowledge that there is no one way of generating leads, there are multiple methods of doing this and we will explore some of them below.

Content Marketing. This is a tried and proven method that can help your company to be found and rank well for keywords and keyword phrases that your ideal customer or client might be searching for in the search engines.

Most often, content marketing is done through blogging by companies whereby new content is regularly added to their websites via blog posts to update customers and clients and at the same time targeting specific topics, keywords and keyword phrases. These can be in the form of how to blogs, guidelines on how to use a product or service and occasionally industry information that might be useful.

Google Adwords. These are Google ads. Though old, they are still relevant and useful in the scheme of things. These ads are shown in the return results from a search on Google and are usually at the top of the page. The cost for the ads is based on a competitive bid process and is charged per click (most common). You would identify the keyword(s) that you would want your ad to appear for in the results. Searchers or potential customers or clients would only see the ad if they entered in a search in Google’s search engine that includes the keyword(s) that the business is advertising for. This is a good way to target users who have expressed interest in specific items that you offer.

Google Remarketing Ads. On Facebook, these are retargeting ads. On Google, they remarketing ads both work pretty much the same. These reach out to persons who have visited your website or webpage again back on Google Ad platform with ads that allow them to follow-up with the visitor exposing them to the ad again.

Google has a large online ad infrastructure that includes its search engine as well as partner sites on which it runs ads, so the playing field is large. You might have had this happens to you whereby you visited a site, then went elsewhere online but noticed an ad from the site you just visited. This is remarketing at work.

Facebook Ads. You can run Facebook ads on the news feed of your page to target specific customers or clients. This is where users spend a lot of time scanning posts on mobile or desktop computers and with Facebook being the most used social media, it is a great place to reach your audience and potential customers or clients. Ads can be placed on the side-bar area so that desktop users can view them.
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The cost for the ads is usually charged per click or per impression and is at varying rates based on the competition to reach that audience. Facebook ads are valuable in that they are highly specific in their targeting. Because Facebook has so much data on its users, these ads can help a business reach its ideal audience. A simpler ad format is also available called ‘boost’. This can be used for your posts that you share on your page. It has far less features but be sure to drill down and target specifics such as location, age and interest.

Facebook Retargeting Ads. This is a fairly new form of advertising. Since on average new customers need seven points of contact with a business before they are ready to purchase, with this form of ad your visitors can be reached again with an ad after they have visited your website, to help make connections and complete the seven points.

When a visitor goes to the web page for a particular product but does not purchase, the business can use a cookie that tracks and delivers ads to that visitor on Facebook. When the visitor is on Facebook checking his time line for e.g., the business could reach out to say thank you for checking out our product and offer more information and a special offer. This then directs them to a specific web page tailored for them.

This is a great way to increase the seven touch points mentioned before and to follow-up, hopefully nurturing the visitor to become a customer.

Social Media Marketing. This has exploded over a short period of time and has changed the online marketing landscape for good. You either get with it or are left behind.

It is a new way for businesses to reach their prospects and at the same time very different from the traditional ways of marketing and it must be understood that  this requires a two-way conversation or communication flow.

For social media marketing to work, businesses would create brand accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook among many others. Typically they share blog posts, to connect with their fans and followers as well as to reach prospective customers. The posts are monitored to respond to mentions of the company so that they respond in a timely manner to questions and other inquiries.

It is advisable not to be overtly promoting products and services to the persons on the social media. They are there in the first place to have fun and to be ‘social’. Therefore, the wise business would flow with that. So instead of pushing products and services try to be helpful and provide value. To do this you can:
Be a resource person
Share valuable content and not only yours
Solve Problems
Be social and fun too

By offering helpful content, being a problem solver as well as providing entertaining content in a manner that reflects the company’s unique culture, a company can grow its online community tremendously.

Deals and Coupons. These can be used to great effect if you do not have time to bother with blogging. As long as your business uses social media and has a website, another online marketing method available is deals and coupons.

For this to work, you would need an app from sites such as TimeSite.Com, which allows you to set up discount offers and percentage off coupons. This can be added to your Facebook page or website or both. You would then use your social media posts, your email list (if you have one) as well as announcements on your website to send traffic to the offer. You can also use ads to increase the traffic. The advantage of this is that it can also be used to create your own email list or to grow your existing list, to which you can mail anytime you wish.

Free Offers. Like the deals and coupons, free offers can be a resource such as a PDF, an how to video or video training course. These might not necessarily be your main product or service but something that you are offering that is related to what you do and offers value to the user. This will also help to grow your email list and helps identify interested potential customers. It allows you to begin the process of nurturing the visitor to becoming a customer. Webinars can also be used in this way by conducting online presentations or training that informs, instructs, offering value leading towards a sale at the end.
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The key thing to remember is that for free offers, you need to offer value. You need to have a landing page or squeeze page or opt-in form for registration in the case of webinars and for accessing the free offers in the case of giveaways (free offers). You need to capture the visitor’s name and email address so that you can grow or create your email marketing list for future marketing activities.

Contests and Promotions. These are similar to coupons, deals and free offers. These are  engaging methods in marketing by adding the element of a game and a chance to win something, to the equation. People by nature, like to win stuff. It gives them a sense of fulfillment. Therefore, as long as the offer has value they are willing to enter and compete to win the prize (the offer).

With contests and promotions, make sure that whatever you are offering is related to your product or service. You do not want to offer a prize of an iPad if you are in the hotel business. It would be more suitable to offer a weekend or overnight or day pass as a prize. Get the picture? The entry method needs to be simple and straight forward; persons are not inclined to complete a form requiring long details. Name and address should be sufficient. You must send the word out. A campaign strategy detailing use of social media, email marketing and ways of repeating the process to create awareness and alerts about the contest would be essential for success. People will not automatically come and enter the contest because you created it. They need to know about it. Similarly, a plan should be in place to let persons know that the contest is live, when will it end and who the winner is.

Again, this allows you to grow your list of leads from all those who enter. A plan to engage with those who did not win, using email marketing/Facebook re-targeting ads would be useful.

Final Thoughts As you consider your lead generation strategies, using a combination of methods can be a real value to your business. For e.g., businesses could use a contest – enter to win – combined with Facebook ads to grow awareness and drive traffic for entries and then after the contest, offer those who did not win a coupon as a consolation prize. By a combination of different methods, businesses can create powerful lead generation strategies campaigns online that reach the ideal audience in multiple ways and by multiple strategies.

By using multiple methods in combination a business helps ensure they actually reach their audience as well as the potential to reach them more than once so that it is top-of-mind and then they are more likely to take action on it.

It is important to note that not every visitor or participant is ready to make a purchase right away. Data gathered revealed that it takes seven touches or points of contact, on average, for a new sale to take place. This means having a plan to have multiple touch points with your ideal audience is crucial. Understand how your ideal audience uses the internet and where online do they spend time. Having done this, create a plan that includes the methods that best reach that audience online.

Should you be interested in using some of these methods but not sure where to start or what method works best for your business, please let us know.

So there you have it, hope you had fun and that you found this valuable to you. If this is so please let us know in the comments. Please share this information.

Thanks for reading.

Vinton Samms.


17 thoughts on “Some Lead Generation Strategies

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  2. Vinton that is a great write up of what you can do to use lead generation
    for content marketing via blogging .
    Great explanations of Google Adwords, Google Remarketing and Facebook Ads. and providing value by being a resource person, sharing valuable content and solving problems.
    Excellent article.

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thanks for the response. Really appreciate it. Lead generation concept is sometimes hard to grasp so I tried to keep it simple.
      All the best

  3. I think that differentiating yourself by being your real, unique self is an important starting place. I also think that no matter what lead generation method you choose, engaging with people and building relationships is essential.

    You’ve listed some great options here. With content marketing/blogging, I’d add that it’s really important to write for people first (rather than focusing on keywords/SEO first). Write in your real voice and write to your ideal clients in addition to implementing things like good keywords.

    Social media marketing is most effective when valuable and engaging things are posted that encourage interaction and relationship building.

    Free offers are excellent and as part of a funnel that includes follow-up and relationship building, they’re great.

    Contest are tons of fun and I’d add challenges to this as well. They’re working well right now to help people build their lists.

    I agree with your comment that using a combination of methods and having multiple touch points is a good thing.

    • Hi Leanne,
      Thank you very much for the comments. I absolutely agree with all the additional point that you have put forward. The thing is though that one does not want to put everything in a post. One has to leave room for inquiries as a strategy. You also have to be mindful of the length of the post and who might be reading it. Once the basic facts are touched on then that should elicit comments as you have shared. Thanks again and stay tuned for the next post.

  4. I think your comment of using multiple methods that you listed above, was a wise one Vinton. Depending on how you are attracting leads, you may want to vary your social media approach as you suggested with free offers or contests or just being social! and if using paid Facebook or Google ads, being more specific to people requiring your product.
    Trying out different ways, and different strategies is often the best thing to do until you find the ones that work for you.
    Great info, thanks
    Jacs 🙂

    • Hi Jacs,
      Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. As an expert in your niche I value your comments dearly


  5. Hi Vinton…I just read your article and found great value in it. So many ways to generate leads and you made it very comprehensive. Look forward to future posts from you! Thx.

    • Hey Theresa,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Really appreciate it and for your encouragement. Please stay tuned for the next post.


  6. Hi Vinton,

    When it comes to content marketing, I am in love with that. Yes, it does take time and patience, but it is sure worth it. But putting all of the above mentioned together, and boom! Everything starts to happen.

    One of my favorite ways of marketing is using Facebook ads and retargeting pixels. As may think Facebook is a dead issue, just look around at the major players in the business and you will find them all over the place on Facebook.

    When it comes to contests and prizes everyone loves to participate in that on the social media platforms. As long as we deliver, we can cause quite the stir! But the best thing is we are building our email list and that is the main goal.

    Once there, we can start engaging and apply our sales funnel to our subscribers.


    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your very candid comments. I agree with the additional points that you have put forward. I really do think that FB is slowly killing itself though, this is not to say that it’s not effective, but too may restrictions. The big thing now is Instagram.


  7. Hey…
    What’s that neat little pop up you have going on here? 🙂 Great list of strategies for lead generation. Thank you … I like “be social and have fun”. You can’t be too serious about all this marketing stuff … you have to have fun at it …

    • Hey Leslie,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your comments. The little pop up is something I have created for excitement since I could not find and appropriate image.
      Please stay tuned for the next post. All the best.


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