Supersize Your Strength: A 16 week training program for maximum strength, from Andy Bolton

Please visit the site using the link provided and If you’re like 95% of the guys out there who do some STRENGTH TRAINING, you’ll have answered “YES” to at least one of those questions and possibly all of them.

The basic idea of strength training isn’t that difficult to understand – we want to add more weight to the bar to make our bodies STRONGER.

This happens to some guys because they have too much information and don’t know how to use it. Other guys never reach their strength goals/potential because they are too LAZY to educate themselves. In other words – these guys don’t have enough information on strength training.

The reality is that most guys will never learn the real secrets behind effective TRAINING PROGRAM DESIGN. And unfortunately for them, this means that they will remain frustrated by their sub-standard results in the gym for a long time, and quite possibly – forever.

There are a lot of people out there who claim to know what they are talking about when it comes to building STRENGTH.

My 1214lbs Squat, 755lbs Bench Press and 1008lbs Deadlift make me one of the STRONGEST men to ever live. That’s not me bragging, it’s just a FACT.

If you want to build your squat, bench press and deadlift (and develop speed, power and more muscle too), please read on and discover  SECRETS of the IRON GAME..

These secrets are the biggest mistakes I see most dedicated guys make that prevent them from building strength as quickly as they’d like.

NOTE: I’m assuming you are dedicated and a hard-trainer. We all know guys who are weak because they don’t really want it and they therefore train like wimps. But I’m assuming you train hard.

The biggest reason why most dedicated guys FAIL to get STRONGER (or don’t get strong as quickly as they’d like) is because they train too hard.

And this might work for a few weeks, but then the ACHES and PAINS set in, their strength starts going backwards and they sometimes end up INJURED.

Just know that very few athletes can get away with maxing out on the same exercises week in, week out.

I tried to play that game and eventually realized it didn’t work for me. So I found a better way – a way that allowed me to not train as hard and still get STRONGER but more on this on the site. visit it here>>>>>


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