SoloAcademy Affiliate – My Review



SoloAcademy is a marketing community for both experienced affiliate marketers and those just entering the field. It is actually a social site decked out with guides, software and other tools to assist those entering the field to build their businesses online as well as to help those experienced affiliate marketers take their businesses a stage further. Those guides and software are updated regularly to include current trends in the industry.

 I stumbled upon SoloAcademy by accident. I was searching through my Facebook messages one day and saw where one of my friends sent me a link to try out a new site for free. I was skeptical at first as most of the times these amount to nothing but a waste of time. However, something prompted me to click the link and so I did. Continue reading

Private Label Articles – Get 500 Free PLR

 Private Label Articles – Get 500 Free

There are 500 private label articles, ready for you to begin using without any hassle. Between 20 – 25 private label articles per niche will be given to you and each of these is in a hot, in demand, evergreen topic. This means persons will always be searching for information on these topics. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing – Finding Resources

Affiliate Marketing – Finding Resources

Many of us would want to venture out on our own to work for ourselves. However, there are two major factors which tend to get in the way. The first of these being money and the second being risk. Both of these should not be taken lightly. Though a business might be small it needs a large amount of capital to get off the ground. The risk factor is  even more grave. Statistics reveal that up to 90% of small business fail within their first year of starting up.

Affiliate marketing can minimize or take the risk out of this activity. It can also be started with almost no money at all and can be a lucrative venture. If you have a natural knack for sales and marketing, are self-motivated, are prepared to work hard, then an affiliate marketing program could work for you. Continue reading

Blogging to the Bank – Make money blogging online

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