Simple Blogging -“Blogger’s Paycheck Guide” – John Yeo

What I’m going to tell you in the next few paragraphs is very important if you intend to make some good cash online doing simple blogging.

I’m currently working part time as a volunteer social worker, helping single-parent kids achieve happiness in their lives.
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How to Start a Blog that Matters

Hundreds of millions of blogs are online today. Thousands more are started every day. Anyone can start a blog in 5 minutes, but very few people will start blogs that matter.

That’s a question I started asking myself long before I started my first blog. Since then, I’ve started three popular blogs, and I’ve helped friends and clients attract huge audiences with blogs.
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How To Build A Perfect Website With Little To No Experience… – Blog Success

You have to pay attention to that fact if you’re going to create a web presence of any kind that you intend to provide you with a full or part-time income.

People know now that you should be able to really “connect” with products, services, and content creators through social media.  What’s more, Google knows this too.
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