Tips on Good Advertisement Headlines

Tips on Good Advertisement Headlines

What is an advertisement?

An advertisement is a non-personal, public communication about causes, goods and services, ideas, organizations, people and places through various means including the internet.

An advertisement is basically salesmanship in print (John E. Kennedy, 1864-1928)

Now, having got that out of the way, there can be no denying the fact that the success of an advertising campaign lies in the headline, for the most part. This should be so thoughtfully done that it attracts readers’ attention and prompts them to read the rest of the advertisement. When deciding on the headline for the ad, it should be catchy and have punchy points.

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Catchy headlines would catch the attention of the prospect. Words in the headline could also be used as tags and should give an indication of the content that follows. If for example, a company is selling affordable household appliance, the headline for such an ad could be ‘Long lasting appliance for less’. This will almost surely attracts the right customer who is in the market for long lasting and low cost household appliance. If the prospective customer belongs to a group or category interested in decorating their houses with beautiful appliance but not concerned about the price, then the headline must reflects this as well. If the product can be used by both men and women that should be mentioned in the title, as to do otherwise could cause you to lose out on potential customers.

The headline should be an instant product seller. Research has shown that five times more reads read just the headline when compared to those who read the entire advertisement. So make sure that your headline is attention-grabbing, so as not to lose out on your investment. The possibility also exist that the body of the ad could be weak but a strong attention-grabbing headline could save the day.

The headline should be focused on the product being promoted and not on the company selling it.The customer’s interest should be taken into consideration at all times and he or she should feel that he or she is being spoken to directly.

A good idea would be to start with ‘you’ and not ‘we’ when relating to the customer. Instead of writing ‘Panadol – solution for severe cold’, write ‘Got severe cold? Try Panadol’. Always remember to mention the name of the product in the headline; product name must be of top priority.

A good quality headline must include a snapshot of the benefits of the product. Customers are seeking benefits when they consider purchasing a product. Important benefit statements such as whiter teeth, nutritious cereals, miraculous growth, should be included in the headline for your advertisement.

If by including all the suggestions in your headline makes it too long, please write the product benefits in bold. An image placed in the advertisement would be a good idea since a picture tells a thousand words. Care should be taken to ensure that the headline conveys some part of the story while the visual does the rest. Do not repeat the headline or the image.

Don’t try to be too clever in designing the headline. There are hundreds of advertisements in local newspapers on weekends. Regular readers read the headings of these ads and can determine which are making false claims from those which are genuine. Do not include false promises or claims in the headline. Clever headlines work well for competitions but not for the savvy customers.

Your confidence should be reflected in the headline, to be picked up by the readers. Refrain from using doubtful words like ‘if’ and ‘but’. Do not use conditional phrases; the sentences should be in present tense and not past or future tense.  Check here for more

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