How to Get Traffic

How to Get Traffic

how to get traffic
Getting traffic to your sites can be very challenging and frustrating given that there are so many businesses competing for the same traffic. On the other hand there are many persons doing almost the same things to get this traffic. Below I have given some ideas to be explored on how to get traffic to your sites.

What is Traffic?
When I speak about traffic I am referring to people. When people visit your offline business or your online business, they are called traffic. No business can survive without people as these are the ones who will support you by purchasing your products and services and telling other people about it. So if your customer service is good, other people will know. If it is bad more people will know. All the people I am referring to are called traffic.

How to Get Traffic to Your Sites?
Perhaps the most important aspect of any marketing program is having the traffic on your site to ensure your efforts are reaching people to ‘eye-ball’ your offers. This means getting your website onto search engines, optimizing the pages and headers to enable successful search results and then supplying value that will keep people coming back. In a way, this is answering the question of how to get traffic to your sites in a simple manner but much more is involved.

Ways to Increase Web Traffic
There are many ways to increase web traffic; the most valuable of course is offering some ongoing and dynamic value such as blogs or online discussion that keep the same people coming back, but a host of other options exist including these listed below:

Search Engine Optimization
There are lots of detailed and expensive ways to get your site on page 1 of search results pages, including some easy tips like using the description meta field in title pages, using headings like H1, H2 levels on keywords near the top of the pages and submitting your page carefully to major search engines; however, when it comes to marketing what you have, there are always ways to present the good aspects of your site to the best advantage.

An optimally laid out site will be visually enticing and easy to read, will have content that makes the viewer wants to read it and enough useful information within the pages to provide value when they do so. Failure to meet these aspects of optimization will result in less than optimal results from your site.

Search engine optimization or SEO as it is often referred to, is a huge success for many sites, and has even spawned a service industry in its own right where people are getting paid to optimize your site and site submissions to try and increase how well your site ranks on various search engines.

Ideally, you should do this yourself by submitting to various directories and using the tips and hints already mentioned but if you are not confident or competent using the Internet, it may be worth paying a consultant to assist you.

Listing your Site in Directories & Search Engines
There are many search engines and directories out there where you can list your website for increased exposure.
Some charge a fee, others are free or of low cost but the important thing to remember is to go through each one in person and optimize the data you provide each to ensure the listing provides, as much as is possible, the best representation of your site. A list of some of the more common directories includes:

Yahoo! – Most non-commercial sites will be considered for free but fees are charged for commercial sites –

DMOZ – A large directory used by other websites and kept up by a system of volunteers – can take a while to get your site considered but free –

GIMPSY – Free listings can take a while but a fee can speed up the process –

JoeAnt – Run by volunteers but a one-time fee is charged

GoGuides – This is similar to JoeAnt

Web-Promotion.Net – This directory indexes both content and site location – requires a return link from your home page

Participate in Link Exchanges
A link exchange refers to the act of having a url or hyperlink from another site either on your page or another site pointing to pages on your site. With exchanges another webmaster will link to your site in exchange for you linking to theirs – hopefully complimenting each other’s sites. There are ways to automate much of this process via software as well, including packages such as:

SiteSell – registers your site as accepting exchange links

Zeus –

Arelis –

Advertise Your Site via Adwords or Other Resources Such as Banner Ads
There are many advertising avenues out there to get your website increased recognition; the simplest of course is link exchanges and word of mouth. Paid methods such as using Google’s Adwords program to pop up a link to your site when certain keywords are entered into search engines is a very effective way to get traffic to your sites.

From the vendor side it works like this – you bid (or offer) an amount that you will pay for a list of keywords used when people query. Depending on your bid and the maximum daily expenditure settings you specify (the largest amount of payout you are willing to make on any given day) your ad shows and you are charged for each user who clicks through the ad to your site.

Of course there are also Facebook and Twitter ads that can be used. For banner ads, these are both paid and free. You simply create your banner and place it on a reputable advertising platform accepting banners such as IBO Tool Box

Create Customer Reward Programs to Enable Routine Contact with Visitors
It would be a good idea to maintain a list of your customer geographical contact and emails so as to maintain and keep a valid customer database file which you can then use to offer follow-up offers, discounts and related reward programs to keep them reminded of what you have to offer.

It is important not to abuse this list however, and you should have a method of tracking and not contacting customers who may wish to opt out of any such offers or newsletters.

Get Published on Partner Sites
The Internet is a wide space and a lot of people are out there every day searching, so try to partner with other sites operating in a similar niche or with a similar interest to yours and post articles and stories – be sure to include a link or reference to your web site and viola! Free advertising!

Request Reviews from Magazines & Online Webmasters
Many other sites have a link or rating page where you can ask them to provide feedback and suggestions on your page and its content- doing so will often not only gather additional interest and visibility but can help you to tweak your site and improve it to better meet your needs.

Post in Chat Rooms & on Blogs
Just as with posting articles, using chat and blog entries to promote your site are good semi-permanent ways to get your website address out there before the public.

In Conclusion
Hope that this was helpful in demonstrating how to get traffic to your sites. There are so many aspects to getting traffic and so many competitions are out there coupled with the need to do the things necessary on a daily basis that you might become overwhelmed. If you have limited time available to you each day, it can be onerous as well provided that you are dedicated, focused and willing to work hard. If you find yourself being overwhelmed and with little time, there is a company that is helping others to overcome this and to make money. Should you be interested in learning more about them, please CHECK HERE

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Vinton Samms

24 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic

  1. Thanks for sharing a meaningful post because in internet world traffic is everything so we should know that how to get traffic to our site thanks for sharing a nice information

  2. Hi Vinton,
    Thanks for sharing the many ways of getting traffic to your site. I guess each one of us has to figure out a strategy that will work for each, depending on the niche or topic of our sites.

    Thanks again, have a great evening.

  3. Great article on traffic strategies Vinton

    Mpow I’d love t to see articles expanding on some of these strategies or telling us some of the ones you have used successfully or even some case studies.

    You certainly have a bunch of strategies it would just be great to w see which ones are most effective or how to use some or them most effectively.

    It will give you lots of great articles, or maybe you could even curate articles to show us how others have used these various strategies.

    Thanks for the info


    • Hi Mary,
      Thanks for your feedback and for the suggestions. I am agreeing that there could have been more expansion and even case studies but would cause the post to be too long and boring. I would actually want persons to read it and not to skim through. However, I will keep the suggestion in mind.
      All the best.

  4. Vinton,

    This is my first time visiting your site. What an excellent article. I have done probably half of the items you listed here. There are so many more ways I could optimize my web sites. First, I plan to submit and re-submit to the various search engines, some of which I never posted to. I have never done a customer rewards program – maybe at some point in the future. I could definitely improve my SEO by filling out the plugins I already have installed. And I have not requested reviews. But I do comment on others’ social media and blogs. Whew! So much to do.


    Dr. Erica

    • Hi Dr Erica, so good of you to stop by. I really appreciate the visit. Yes, there is no one way of optimizing one’s site. Infact, things are changing everyday with the emergence of new technologies but we can stick to the ones that are practical applicable for the time being. It can also be a very expensive exercise in terms of time and money. Having said all this though it is a necessary evil. I would recommend taking just one step at a time and experiment with what works best for you and that which you comfortable using.
      All the best.

  5. Great post Vinton Samms…nice tips to increase traffic adding to this traffic can be increased by sharing post in different groups and social networks like facebook, twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Tumbler, Stumbleupon etc.and also different forums…..Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi, Vinton

    There are so many information in your post about getting traffic. Some of the resources I haven’t heard of before. I will check them out during week end. I also bookmarked them so that I can go back to them for references.
    Nice post.
    Have a good weekend.
    -Stella Chiu

  7. Very great article on traffic Vinton,

    Many ways to get traffic and I think you have listed them all, all that I can think of. Will save this and post it on a fb page soon. Thanks for the great info.

  8. Hey Vinton

    Great job on Traffic strategies. Boy you really provided a lot of valuable info there Now you can just take each one and do an article on how to use it and you have a year’s worth of blog posts LOL!

    How come it always comes down to implementation. Now there’s the rub!

    Anyway you did a great comprehensive post on traffic sources!

    I so prefer paid for strategies it makes life so much easier as it is scalable

    To the Top!


    • Hi Mary, thanks as always for your encouraging views. It is a good idea to take each piece of information and compile into posts (LOL) but the will won’t be there, it’s a lot of work. Implementation is always the problem and perhaps it has something to do with the will as well. I agree paid strategies are good, when you can afford to go that route. All the best.

  9. Hi Vinton,
    an interesting post many of this things you suggest here
    I did not know about ,like listing sites in directories and search
    engines or participate in link exchange . I never heard about this .
    Interesting and good to know . I learned something new here today .
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika, thanks for the response. I am really happy that you learned something from the post. This was my objective. Now that you know about these things, please try them and see what results you get. You may also ask someone to do it for you!
      All the best.

    • Hi Erika, thank you kindly for the comments on the post. I am glad that you learned something from it. This was my objective. Now that you know how to do these things, please give them a try and see what results you get.If you are unable to do it please ask someone to assist you. All the best.

  10. Quite right Vinton, no site will prosper without traffic!

    And what a comprehensive list of ways and places you have produced here for us to consider in our marketing plans, for increasing our traffic.
    I am sure everyone will find an area that appeals to them within your post.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you suggested ‘offering some ongoing dynamic value’

    To me that is most important if you want your traffic to engage and opt-in to your offers or list.
    Without gaining some knowledge or emotional trigger from wherever your traffic lands, it will not feel a reason to see you again, and will just move on.

    My personal preference is using my blog, my facebook group and my social media profiles for growing my traffic.

    Thank you for your bountiful suggestions 😀

    ~ Jacs

    • Hi Jacs, thank you for your encouraging comments on the post. Yes, I do agree that persons would have their personal preferences for getting traffic. However, I do believe that one should go as wide as possible to get people to ‘eye-ball’ their offers. Narrowing it down to a few sources can place unnecessary limits on your efforts at lead generation, optins or sales. If on an individual level one can only manage a certain amount of sources because of other commitments, etc then I do understand. All the best.

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