Using Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for Business

In looking at using Facebook for business, we first need to consider these statics (current to November, 2013)

using Facebook for business
There are 1.19 billion active users on Facebook worldwide. Of these, over 720 million log on daily. In terms of mobile users, there are 874 million of them.
The most common age demographic is 25 – 34 and represents over 29% of users. Which of the genders use Facebook the most? Females representing 53% while males represent 47%. When is the best time to drive traffic to your sites? It is reported that the highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. On Thursdays and Fridays, engagement is 18% higher and the average time spent on Facebook is 20 minutes. A lot of marketers are using Facebook for business and this represents some 47% of them.

If consideration is being given to using Facebook for business, you might want to think carefully about your engagements, advertising, etc and the information above should provide you with some guidelines as you go forward, as follows:

• Facebook is too big to be ignored and is the biggest social media platform

• The huge numbers of persons logging in on a daily basis provide a huge audience for          marketing activities

Mobile users are increasing as more persons acquire mobile phones, tablets, etc and         should be included in your plans

• Age demographics represent the prime target for many marketing activities

• The female/male differentiation is not that significant and so one should be able to market    to both genders effectively

• Highest traffic period suggest that during this period, there is potential to reach more           consumers and drive higher traffic to your sites

• Highest days of engagement is to help determine when to post to optimize your                   marketing efforts

• Average time spent on Facebook is to be noted so that the time is used wisely with             interesting and unique content (post)

• A lot of marketers using Facebook for business would suggest that the market is                 crowded but we must be there as chances are our competitors are already there.

As we continue to discuss using Facebook for business, let s try to distinguish between Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

using Facebook for business
There is often confusion among new users as to how to differentiate between these sections of Facebook. Important to remember is the fact that Profiles are for individuals and not businesses. If you create a Profile for a business it is against Facebook’s terms of use and can be removed at any time without notice by Facebook. Owners of businesses should always create a Facebook Page for promotion of their businesses. One can also explore a Facebook Group as an option that can facilitate discussions among members and promote your business, but a Page should always be a first step.

Some differences between the two: Pages – page information and posts are public; audience can be created by persons liking your page and there is no limit to how many likes you can receive; page admins can share your content in newsfeeds of persons who have liked the page. Groups – privacy can be achieved by having closed and secret groups; audience can be created by persons applying to join and approved by other members. Members can also be added to the groups; members of the group are notified when other members post content in the group.Members can take part in chats, upload photos.

I would be most grateful to receive your comments as well to share what ever information you might have.

using Facebook for Business
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