Viral Marketing Campaigns

Following on from the last post on viral marketing, listed below are 4 ideas for simple viral marketing campaigns.

Viral Marketing Campaigns 1 -Master Resell Rights

What is the big deal about master resell rights? Simply put, you are able to create an E-product and the owner of the product has the rights to resell it for any price that they want. The resellers will be doing promotions for you and spread your name all around the Internet. But not only that, they will not be able to do alterations to your book in any form; they will just sell it in its current form.
Here are two ways by which you can create a huge viral marketing campaign out of MRR products:

Write your own ( hire a ghostwriter/outsource) E-product and give MRR rights rp_52c4c3c7b1612.png

Find someone else’s MRR product with re-branding rights and place your own affiliate links there.

Later on, place those E-products on well-known membership sites.

Viral Marketing Campaigns 2 -Private Label Viral Marketing

Everyone knows that PLR is one of the best rights anyone can have for an E-book. This is so because it allows you to do almost anything you want with it. However, even PLR has certain restrictions such as non-transferable rights or bonding rights. This is just like some resell rights. But one of the advantages of no restriction private label rights is the fact that you can sell the private label rights of the book, in this way you let the book go viral almost instantly. Certain PLR resellers even include a sales letter for the resellers to easily edit the contents of the sales letter.

What does this mean? Many resellers selling the best rights to the book all across the Internet. This is the best way to get your affiliate links or promotions all over the Internet very quickly. But then, what happens if the resellers edit the contents of the book, you may ask? Wouldn’t that reduce the effectiveness of the viral effect?
How to start a Business cover

Well, the solution to that is very simple. human beings are by nature lazy. They will just cut and paste the sales letter and sell the product as is. Because it is too much work for them to redo the content, they will sell the product most likely in the original form. This often sells faster than master resell rights and if you embed your affiliate links or promotions carefully, it will give resellers a lot of resistance when they try to edit the book. Look for resellers who sell no restriction PLR books and contribute to their package if you want to achieve the ultimate effect.

Viral Marketing Campaigns 3 -Blog and Theme Viral Marketing

One of the other ways to create a viral marketing campaign besides using or reselling E-books is to use blogs and blog themes to market yourself. Below is a three step process that will allow you to get a lot of traffic to your website:

• Approach a high traffic blogger and ask if you can be a contributor to their blog for a particular blog post or topic.

• Write a high quality blog post that will get people’s attention

• Leave a bio box or a link that traces back to your own site.

Now the question you may ask is, why don’t you reserve the best content for your own blog? Wouldn’t that brand you better? Well this is actually selfish thinking. Good things must be shared, not hidden under a basket.

High Traffic Blogs Give You More Exposure
If you have a blog that has low traffic, it will not reach out to many people but if you give your content away to others, high traffic will get you noticed and if they like your blog post, they will spread the word (using social bookmarking sharing) and you will get a lot of traffic to your site very quickly.

You can also design your own blog theme and give it away for free. One thing wonderful about free blog themes is that if it is given away freely and is used by someone’s blog, a few things can happen.
• They upload your blog theme and there is a backlink to your site
• Those who upload your blog theme will be able to follow a link from WordPress      Presentation Theme and you can promote yourself even from there
• People will recommend your blog theme if it looks beautiful.

Viral Marketing Campaigns 4 -Web 2. 0 Viral Marketing

One of the forms of viral marketing is the usage of E-mail and Web 2.0 sites. Remember the video called Numa Numa, which had the guy lip-syncing to a song? It is perhaps one of the most viral videos of all times. The owner of the site had tons of traffic flooding into his site everyday and people everywhere wanted to imitate him and do their own parodies of the Numa Numa Dance as well. Another good example is the “Diet Coke & Mentos” scenario.

Basically, when you have something interesting or extreme, people will tend to share it with their friends through forwarded E-mails, but in the case of Internet marketing, you can do a lot more if you play your cards right. Facebook drives a lot of traffic as well because of the way they link application and photos. For example, you can join an application for a game that builds empires using gold. They offer you more gold when you refer your friends to that application. This is how they build their list. You can do the same by driving traffic to your opt-in forms, landing pages or blogs and you will be able to build a viral traffic quickly.

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  1. Great options for viral marketing. I do think PLR can be useful for working out a marketing strategy with an ebook or report and is a good lead in to producing one’s own products.
    Leveraging other people’s products and blogs, as affiliate marketers works well as a way to build your own opt-in traffic.
    Thanks Sure Profits 🙂

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