What’s Preventing You from Making Online Income?

What’s Preventing You from Making Online Income?

A lot of persons want to earn an online income and to do well at it, live comfortably and be able to pay the bills, no boss to worry about. They also dream sometimes of earning more than the boss’ salary.

However, the truth be told, you can infact be in a much better position to earn significantly more than the boss, you just need to have the right mindset.

For example, the average senior manager may be your boss and earns roughly $300,000 per year. This person stands the risk of losing all of this in the event of downsizing, illness or other acts of nature. The risk is that although the earning potential is high, it is coming from only one source, making this individual vulnerable.

But let’s consider another scenario, a lower level manager such as a middle manager earns roughly $100,000 per year. However, this person also owns real estate which is rented out for $150,000 per year, earns another $30,000 from other investments. His risk is not high as a lot of his earning potential is still secure since it is not from one source. Are you following so far? Good, let’s continue.

In the second example, the source of income can also be passed on thereby securing wealth for his family and to top it off there may also be other sources of income.

Now, if you sit around and wait for business opportunities to come to you, it will not happen as fast as you would like and you most certainly will become frustrated and disillusioned. The thing to do is go out, be bold and create your own business opportunities. The person with a business mindset will always see opportunities to create wealth while the person without this mindset can only see obstacles. You need to be keeping the right perspective and keeping an eye out for generating income.

As long as you are generating your wealth honestly, you need not be concerned from where it comes, rather, use that energy to create more wealth. With the new thrust and interest in technology, it is being widely used to create wealth and the internet is one such. If you are already operating an online internet business, already you have value and you can make online income while you are asleep or when you are at your salaried job.

Among the countless number of products and services being offered for sale online, you should be able to create online income with your own products or services. Whichever way you choose you will need a platform from which you can communicate effectively with prospective customers.

There is a lot to learn but all this is easy but takes time, no one was born making money, it is a learnt activity which had to start somewhere.

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Vinton Samms
Internet Marketing Expert & Blogger

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  1. Hi Vinton,
    Nice to be here!
    Here I am today via PAC platform where I read about you and your page, and thanks for visiting my page too!
    Nice that I found this informative and wonderful place.
    You have lot of information here to share on online marketing etc
    Your narration in the beginning of this post is really wonderful and your question in almost in the middle of the post is really interesting!
    Are you following so far? Good, let’s continue…. I liked this 🙂
    Keep sharing
    Best regards
    ~ Philip

    • Hey Phillip,
      Thanks for the compliments and the comments. I like your blog as well and I have found it most interesting and will continue to visit and share.
      I try to make the posts speak with the readers and at them. Thanks again for the comments.

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